MURRAY RIVER COUNCIL ELECTION Weyrich stands on record in bid to join new council

September 01, 2017

FORMER Murray Shire mayor Tom Weyrich is tired of looking backwards.

‘‘There’s been far too much emphasis on what’s happened and not enough about what’s going to happen,’’ he said.

‘‘I don’t wish to talk about the past but if I have to I will. But I can see no benefit in it. The only thing you will get looking backwards is a sore neck.

‘‘There were plenty of mistakes made, and I made some, but I can guarantee I’ve learnt some lessons,’’ he said.

‘‘Behaviour patterns are one.

‘‘And then being very careful and guarded who you trust (is another).’’

Mr Weyrich is standing for the new Murray River Council in the Greater Murray ward.

The 61-year-old said in the old shire he was a believer in free speech but in ‘‘some respects’’ that was not the way to be.

‘‘I should have curtailed a lot of the discussion ... it disappoints me immensely to hear some of the candidates saying that the old councillors shouldn’t be allowed to stand,’’ he said.

‘‘I think they are ill-informed and facts have got in the way of rumours.

‘‘I faced no disciplinary action out of the public inquiry and as far as I’m concerned I sleep very well at night.

‘‘During my time with Murray Shire I gave the whole role as both mayor and councillor my all.

‘‘Let’s not forget that in the old council there were no mechanisms to discipline individual councillors that’s why we were sacked.

‘‘That has changed and the mayor of the day will have the power to discipline councillors and if that’s not successful it will go up the food chain.

‘‘I would strongly suggest the mayor of the new council should make that quite clear.’’

Mr Weyrich, who is a self-employed motor mechanic in Moama and has lived in Mathoura since 1979, said he was standing on a platform of experience — ‘‘tried and trusted’’.

‘‘If people don’t know how I operate now, they never will,’’ Mr Weyrich said.

‘‘I think we face many challenges in the amalgamated shire and I think to be fair and equitable to all the residents and ratepayers we need equal representation from all corners of the shire. I think 18 years in total holds me in good stead. I think I have the experience and the knowledge to make a valuable contribution to the new council.

‘‘I think I have a deep understanding of many of the local issues we face, everything from cross border issues to health ... my role as mayor (three years and deputy for four) has held me in good stead.’’

Mr Weyrich said that he did know how a good council could operate because he had been part of one.

‘‘I would like to look back and say, ‘Yes, Murray Shire was sacked under dubious circumstances, I’ve come back and I’ve been part of a proactive council’,’’ he said. ‘‘I want to finish on good terms and I want what’s best.’’

The election is on September 9.

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