MURRAY RIVER COUNCIL ELECTION Mackenzie is looking for a fresh start in MRC vote

September 01, 2017

GEOFF Mackenzie has unfinished business with Murray River Council.

He came onto Murray Shire for the first time during a by-election in 2013, hoping to bring openness and transparency to the table.

But he said it turned out to be a ‘‘total waste of time’’ which is why he has raised his hand again for the Moama ward ahead of the election on September 9.

‘‘The first thing that I want to do, if I get elected, is angle for sensible decisions,’’ Mr Mackenzie said.

‘‘In a disappointing year and a half under administration and executive rule the Moama market is going to be moved. And I would want that investigated properly.

‘‘Is that what the people that run a very successful market want?

‘‘Is it that bad that we get a bit of traffic?’’

Mr Mackenzie said he also wanted a ‘‘common sense’’ decision on boundaries within the recently amalgamated council.

‘‘My idea is we should talk to those few ratepayers and ask them do you want to stay in this shire or do you want to go to Deni?’’ he said.

‘‘And if they want to go then go.

‘‘Same with Balranald.’’

Mr Mackenzie was born into second generation stock and station real estate and has been self-employed since he was 19.

He was born in Kyabram, grew up in Cohuna and came to Moama in 1967.

Speaking on the final term of Murray Shire, Mr Mackenzie said a ‘cartel’ ran that council.

‘‘We had no say or no voice because they moaned the whole time,’’ he said.

‘‘All the good things and all the bad things really belonged to that ruling faction.

‘‘I hope that this new council is much more sharing of ideas and decisions. To at least listen and be open and transparent.’’

This time Mr Mackenzie said he would fight for quicker decisions from the planning department and fewer confidential meetings.

‘‘I am in for a cohesive council,’’ he said.

‘‘I have strong opinions and I will fight for them but what you see is what you get with me.’’

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